Reader Testimonials

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Law of Attraction for kids! Super! My grandkids love it. Thank you Rebecca!
— Linda Evans



I bought this book for my daughter Amber Mizuhara so she can start off in life knowing how¬† to manifest all her desires. Since she is 3 she will have a head start because of Rebecca Whitehall’s book. I look forward to the whole series of books to come.

— Katherine Mizuhara


Rebecca Whitehall’s “Ignite Your Inner Genie” will keep children entertained for hours with reading and activities teaching positivity and following dreams, which is so important to instill at an early age. It’s fun, well written and engaging. You also may want to purchase the music CD by the same name which accompanies each chapter of the book. I give the book and CD an A Plus!
— Arlene Wow!