Magical Places- Wigtown Book Town

Do you enjoy books?  Funny books, scary books, adventure books are just a few of the treasures found in the Scottish town of Wigtown.  You may wonder why it is called a book town.  The library sits at the top of North and South main street overlooking 12 stores and cafes selling books.

One store has a soft cuddly monster sitting at the table a few steps away from a miniature train set.  Just enough toys to entice a young child to sit and play while the parents pick out their favorite titles.  Soft cosy chairs beckon the parent to sit down with their child sharing a heart-warming story off the book shelf.  Another parent on the floor reading The Little Engine That Could to the sound of a train rattling along the toy tracks.  It’s fun to see a book store that is just as engaging as a playground that embeds joy of reading in the child’s life.



Walking a couple of stores down the street we come to a building with two enticing pillars out front.  Each one looks like books stacked one on top of the other.  Don’t think this type of pillar was found in ancient Greece.  As you open the door it’s obvious the pillars depict what is inside.  The first room you enter has book shelves, tables and even chairs with books stacked up on top of each other.  It’s the hodgepodge method of displaying these written gems.  Although you can’t let your eyes deceive you.  This store was much more than it appeared.  There is a maze of hidden nooks and crannies yet to be explored.  We roam to a room of mystery, it has detective Sherlock Homes, lounge come alive.  A leather arm chair as if the author is writing his newest thriller.  A typewriter on the table with a standing light nestled between the chair and the ceiling high book shelves.  A perfect place to read a few pages of a gripping novel.  Slipping by the mystery room you found a dragon protecting it’s lair from those individuals that didn’t take fantasy to heart.

What do you think about browsing through the pages of a book while eating a scone with clotted cream and jam and a spot of tea?  How could your eyes not wander to the binding of a book decorating the wall?  Each title jumping out at you with each sip from your ceramic tea cup.  Of course if you are with friends and family, don’t think they would mind if you got distracted by a title or two calling you.

One store looks like it stepped out of a Harry Potter film, could be a secret hideaway of Merlin the sorcerer.    It was hidden between two buildings only a small sign indicating it’s remote location.  As you walk through the alley between two white washed buildings an oasis of green materializes, deep green hedges with a canapé of vines beckons you.  A sign in the entryway lets you know your entering another place and time, Antique Books.   The mystery unfolds further walking into the garden where there is a quaint little cottage.  Inside is a small room in comparison to the other shops, but perfect to pull any visitor into this intriguing world.  Books passed down from centuries gone past.   One wall filled with folktales, another biographies and others sharing the life of days gone by.

This magical town grabs any visitor with its intrigue, inspiration and imagination.  A good book will carry you to a multitude of new worlds, where your heart and mind soar.  A place I plan to visit again.  You never know what treasure you will find tucked away on a shelf just waiting for you to find it.



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