Ignite Your Inner Genie

Children's bookIgnite Your Inner Genie was created because I love seeing kids happy, joyful and successful. This book has the keys I found inspire children to reach their potential and acknowledge each child’s gifts and interests. Can you imagine the delight when a child jumps an academic grade level in 3 months? Imagine another child, whose teacher said he would only be able to work at a gas station. The teacher’s view of him and possible many others was wrong. He graduated with a masters from the university a couple of years ago. I’ve seen behaviour problems transformed within months into happy, joyful children. These magical experiences inspired me to help more children find that part within themselves that created this magic in their lives. That magical part I call the “inner genie.” This is where Ignite Your Inner Genie came from.

Ignite Your Inner Genie is a 82 page colour activity book that guides children to discover their own innate treasures. This magical journey is revealed through the traditional story of “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.” Aladdin, with the help of his friends Ring Genie and Lamp Genie, achieves his dream to become a merchant at the market. Embedded in the storyline are activities such as hidden pictures, Drawing Aladdin’s Face which helps children explore emotions. Another activity helps children discern negative words that helps them see how much they deserve to be treated respectfully. This book serves as a reminder to show children how special they truly are.

Arlene Wow created 9 fun sing-alongs that will delight your child with rhythmic songs. Each song shares a powerful message such as “Who Do You Listen To” and “Personal Genie.” The songs guide children to trust their gifts and inner guidance.

Let the magic begin.

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