Children Only Need To See Beauty Within

Where do I begin? Never blogged before so it feels like a whole new world. This task has been on the forefront of my mind for months. The question I would ask myself is, “Would anyone be interested in sharing their perspective of helping your child reach his or her potential?” I taught young children for 25 years, with a degree in teaching with an emphasis in early childhood and a Masters in early intervention in the development of the young child. With all this education and background, it wasn’t what prepared me for teaching, parenting, or even life. The key to my successes was different. The hesitation in this first blog post lies with my lies innate tendency as an introvert to reflect on the world within rather than the world without.

It comes naturally reflecting on my inner knowing rather than relying on the outer messages. Life was easier when I was guided by my intuition. In the school setting I realized my perception of the students in the classroom was tremendously different from the other teachers. The child that acted out only really needed to see the beauty within. When I reacted to my students’ inner beauty they reacted with feelings of empowerment, a glow of delight and a love of learning.

But still the dilemma of what to write in a blog. It hit me after a beautiful person who purchased the book asked a question about her special needs child. Yes, I’m a parent and a retired teacher. So I drafted a blog on how to get the full impact of the book IGNITE YOUR INNER GENIE. That was easy!

It was the external world making its mark on the written page. It was that other side of me that had more of a profound impact on my own children and students. It was my intuition, gut feelings. It was easy to tell when things were “off ” my children; looks of sadness or fear were tell-tale signs things were off in their lives. In the classroom as a teacher scanning the room let me know if something was off so I could address it before a problem emerged. This insight is like magic not only in our lives but those we touch. It was those internal thoughts and feelings that I never shared. This hidden treasure trove of insight may inspire other to share their inner knowledge.

After seeing the movie NEVER BEEN KISSED, I realized that we all have that inner world that enriches us and others when it is shared. The blog would be both the external ideas of a parent and teacher and that internal world of gut feelings, instincts and the lessons learned, including my favorite LESSONS LEARNED FROM ZAC THE DOG. Since all these components make us who we are, the beautiful person we radiate out to the world, join me in exploring that Inner Genie in all of us in these posts.