Magical Places

Magical Places- Wigtown Book Town

Do you enjoy books?  Funny books, scary books, adventure books are just a few of the treasures found in the Scottish town of Wigtown.  You may wonder why it is called a book town.  The library sits at the top of North and South main street overlooking 12 stores and cafes selling books.

One store has a soft cuddly monster sitting at the table a few steps away from a miniature train set.  Just enough toys to entice a young child to sit and play while the parents pick out their favorite titles.  Soft cosy chairs beckon the parent to sit down with their child sharing a heart-warming story off the book shelf.  Another parent on the floor reading The Little Engine That Could to the sound of a train rattling along the toy tracks.  It’s fun to see a book store that is just as engaging as a playground that embeds joy of reading in the child’s life. read more