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Laugh and have fun with your child as you go through this activity book together. Help your child find out what their inner Genie is. Even more fun is unveiling each success principal and applying them in your child’s life through fun songs, games, puzzles and intriguing activities.

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NEW  Ignite Your Inner Genie – Book 1

Children's book

Newest book for ages 3-9 years introducing self-awareness and law of attraction through the story of Aladdin. Aladdin learns the secrets to make all his wishes come true. Captivate your child with these delightful colouring pages and fun activity pages. Bring the magic into your child’s life.

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Ignite Your Inner Genie Music CD

Ignite Your Inner Genie

Dance and sing with these catchy tunes that bring joy and delight to any home or classroom. Each song reinforces the concepts taught in IGNITE YOUR INNER GENIE books 1-3. Let your child activate their inner genie today.

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