Play Creates Shifts in Perception

  Young children and pups learn best when they are having fun.  Recall a time when you were playing hide and seek.  If you hid in a place that was highly visible such as behind a small box your body would be easily seen and tagged.  Over time you began to recognize that hiding in inconspicuous places made you less of a target.  In other words, you made new choices based a shift in perception.  You began to observe people and experiences through another pair of eyes allowing a new neuropathway has been formed.  These differences become apparent even at a young age.  Your mind opened the door to new opportunities previously not perceived.  Thus the new perception evolved, maybe this isn’t a good place to hide because they can see me but there behind to tree they won’t. Even though you as a young child weren’t able to express this mental process verbally, even though it was happening all the time.  As you played the game your perceptual shifts enabled you to think of more strategic spots to hide that wouldn’t have come to mind a few hours, days or even months earlier. read more