Beauty Within

Several weeks ago my family and a friend went for a walk.  It’s common for us to spend 5-6 hours immersed in the English countryside.  Although it was foggy with a light mist in the air, the views from our vantage point were spectacular.  Even though the fog lay like a blanket over the hills what we saw was a panoramic view of incredible beauty.  Somehow just being out in nature helps to connect us with that little voice within.  As I walked I realized the beauty I found without was a reflection of the beauty that is within.  The English country side is a spectacular way to see our own magnificence.

The fog was just a message that I wasn’t expanding myself to let the world see the full or entire me.  Do you ever feel that the true you isn’t reaching its potential or do other people and society dictate who you are and how you are to act.  A tree or flower reaches out to show us their immaculate radiance.  Isn’t that what we are to do also?

These walks always bring me to a place of awe.  Most of the time it take 2 to 5 hours of walking to reach locations with such radiant panoramic views.  I can never pass them by without taking a multitude of pictures.  A reminder of God or universe sharing its love and beauty with us all.


We are love!  We are loved!  We are beautiful!

I decided to share these spectacular views with those     that resonate with this energy.  Letting the beauty in nature bring you immense happiness and joy.  You can find them under Rebecca Whitehall on  May you find such love and beauty found in nature within you and your children.