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Magical Places- Wigtown Book Town

Do you enjoy books?  Funny books, scary books, adventure books are just a few of the treasures found in the Scottish town of Wigtown.  You may wonder why it is called a book town.  The library sits at the top of North and South main street overlooking 12 stores and cafes selling books.

One store has a soft cuddly monster sitting at the table a few steps away from a miniature train set.  Just enough toys to entice a young child to sit and play while the parents pick out their favorite titles.  Soft cosy chairs beckon the parent to sit down with their child sharing a heart-warming story off the book shelf.  Another parent on the floor reading The Little Engine That Could to the sound of a train rattling along the toy tracks.  It’s fun to see a book store that is just as engaging as a playground that embeds joy of reading in the child’s life. read more

Play Creates Shifts in Perception

  Young children and pups learn best when they are having fun.  Recall a time when you were playing hide and seek.  If you hid in a place that was highly visible such as behind a small box your body would be easily seen and tagged.  Over time you began to recognize that hiding in inconspicuous places made you less of a target.  In other words, you made new choices based a shift in perception.  You began to observe people and experiences through another pair of eyes allowing a new neuropathway has been formed.  These differences become apparent even at a young age.  Your mind opened the door to new opportunities previously not perceived.  Thus the new perception evolved, maybe this isn’t a good place to hide because they can see me but there behind to tree they won’t. Even though you as a young child weren’t able to express this mental process verbally, even though it was happening all the time.  As you played the game your perceptual shifts enabled you to think of more strategic spots to hide that wouldn’t have come to mind a few hours, days or even months earlier. read more

Ignite Your Inner Genie

Children's book

Ignite Your Inner Genie was created because I love seeing kids happy, joyful and successful. This book has the keys I found inspire children to reach their potential and acknowledge each child’s gifts and interests. Can you imagine the delight when a child jumps an academic grade level in 3 months? Imagine another child, whose teacher said he would only be able to work at a gas station. The teacher’s view of him and possible many others was wrong. He graduated with a masters from the university a couple of years ago. I’ve seen behaviour problems transformed within months into happy, joyful children. These magical experiences inspired me to help more children find that part within themselves that created this magic in their lives. That magical part I call the “inner genie.” This is where Ignite Your Inner Genie came from. read more

Beauty Within

Several weeks ago my family and a friend went for a walk.  It’s common for us to spend 5-6 hours immersed in the English countryside.  Although it was foggy with a light mist in the air, the views from our vantage point were spectacular.  Even though the fog lay like a blanket over the hills what we saw was a panoramic view of incredible beauty.  Somehow just being out in nature helps to connect us with that little voice within.  As I walked I realized the beauty I found without was a reflection of the beauty that is within.  The English country side is a spectacular way to see our own magnificence. read more

Children Only Need To See Beauty Within

Where do I begin? Never blogged before so it feels like a whole new world. This task has been on the forefront of my mind for months. The question I would ask myself is, “Would anyone be interested in sharing their perspective of helping your child reach his or her potential?” I taught young children for 25 years, with a degree in teaching with an emphasis in early childhood and a Masters in early intervention in the development of the young child. With all this education and background, it wasn’t what prepared me for teaching, parenting, or even life. The key to my successes was different. The hesitation in this first blog post lies with my lies innate tendency as an introvert to reflect on the world within rather than the world without. read more